Lucidchart 2015

Lucidchart is a great Visio for Mac alternative. Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming program. (PC, Mac, Linux)

Lucidchart is a great Microsoft Visio alternative for Mac, PC, and Linux.

With over 10 million downloads, Lucidchart is the most popular customer-facing app in the Google Apps marketplace. Lucidchart has grown in popularity as SaaS diagramming product because of its ability to support real-time collaboration and its interoperability on any operating system. This is of particular interest to Linux and Mac users because Visio doesn't have a great solution on non-PC operating systems. Lucidchart recognized early on that being compatible with Visio would be important. Because Lucidchart can import and export with Visio formatted extensions, Lucidchart is a great VIsio alternative. Lucidchart makes it easy to work with people in the office or on the other side of the globe.

Lucidchart releases updates to user accounts every month so the program continues to improve as you use it. We also support Omnigraffle import and you can export your diagram as a PDF, image, or .vdx Visio document. Lucidchart includes all the standard libraries that you would expect from a Visio alternative, including: flowcharts, swimlanes, ERD, wireframes, DFD, Venn diagrams, mind mapping and other specialized libraries. If you don't find the library that you are looking for, you can always create your own by importing .svg files into a new custom library.

Lucidchart is most often compared to Visio. They are both enterprise-level diagramming products. As a Visio alternative SaaS offering, Lucidchart allows users to work on the same document at the same time as their colleagues in any modern browser. There are a lot of searches for Visio for Mac by people looking for alternatives to Visio because they are familiar with Microsoft Visio but have recently switched to a Mac and need a good Visio for Mac solution.


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Lucidchart 2015

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    Lucidchart is a Visio alternative for mac and all other operating systems.
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